Chef de Cuisine


Born and raised in the province of Pisa, the Versilia coast soon became his adopted land. A gastronomic journey that begins at an altitude of 1850 metres in the Apennines and ends at sea level. Our chef's cuisine is studied down to the smallest detail and is the fruit of the products of our agricultural paradise, cared for and thought out from seed to plate.



Our Amalfi sommelier with a love for the Tuscan land and its vitis vinifera fruits will accompany you in the best choice of wine pairing according to your chosen itinerary and personal taste.

Head farmer


Is our head farmer and manages our 9 hectares of land and olive groves with his team of 7 people. Together they ensure that our cooks obtain 80% of their fruit and vegetables from organic farming. With a sharp palate, always looking for the best, Filippo is a force of nature and an excellent sportsman who trains the Camaiore tug-of-war team.

Bar manager


Bar manager: passionate about mixology, always on the lookout for innovation, entrust him with your cocktail desires to take you into an unexplored territory of flavours.

Maître di sala


Maître di sala: he reigns over the restaurant with kindness, professionalism and an infectious smile that will allow you to spend pleasant moments assisting you in the selection of our Chef's dishes

Sport Coach


Who has always been passionate about all sports, brings his experience in the field to the service of the user, but in an innovative guise: the workouts are developed in terms of athletic performance and mental efficiency. For Iacopo, the most important thing is psycho-physical wellbeing: the continuous search for this condition is based on functional training aimed at improving coordination skills, supplementing them with playful motor exercises to improve the subject's memory and reactivity.

Events Manager


Our Events Manager, takes care of the tailor-made planning of every small and large occasion with great enthusiasm and passion: whether it is a romantic candlelight dinner in a special location, the wedding of your dreams or a wild birthday party, every wish and request will be handled with the utmost care and attention, making your event unique and unforgettable. Nothing will be left to chance, and its impeccable management will allow you to fully enjoy the moments you spend in our locations!



Our trusted Osteopath, uses a range of manual techniques, such as joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage and cranio-sacral therapy, to restore balance to the body.

A medical treatment that becomes a wellness treatment.

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Now a few words about Pietrasanta: it is known as the “small Athens”. As it is located close to the Carrara marble quarries, sculpture is everywhere: on the public squares, in the workshops and in the galleries scattered all over the fortified town.

Pietrasanta is also a real Tuscan city with its yellow and ocher facades, his lovely Duomo, his Narrow streets which are full of life all the year long. Olives are the second passion of the local people. The hills around are covered with olive trees which determine the pace of life for the families who gather in the Fall to collect the valuable fruit.